Response to Ed K Review on Yelp

This is our formal response to Ed K Review posted on Yelp on February 3rd 2017


  1. Mr. Kennedy had a book keeping service provider named Champion Book Keeping during the year 2011.
  2. Mr. Kennedy also had Paychex providing payroll services during 2012 year.
  3. Mr. Kennedy wanted to switch book keeping and payroll services and Mr. Bhatt wanted to provide those service.
  4. On or around June 15 2012 Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Bhatt or one the salesperson representing Mr. Bhatt met and entered into an agreement to provide the book keeping and payroll processing services as following mutually negotiated and agreed upon fees in writing.

Book keeping system set up                                  One Time



Payroll system set up                                             One Time   $300
Book keeping fees                                                 Per Month   $190
Payroll fees                                                            Per Month   $100


  1. Mr. Kennedy was in hurry because the books were not done for six months of 2012 and he wanted the financials to borrow money.
  2. Usually the book-keeping and payroll services are an ongoing monthly services and they are paid for by monthly charges directly to the bank account or to the credit card that the client provides per client’s choice. In this case the book-keeping for six months needed to be done in a short period of time so the total invoice would become a sizeable amount. To pay for the services Mr. Kennedy allowed Mr. Bhatt to charge his bank account as the work gets done under a Debit Authorization. This bank account is directly entered into the accounting software and encrypted so no one can see it. The Debit Authorization form just mentions last couple of digits to protect client’s privacy.
  3. Mr. Kennedy provided the necessary information like

bank activities

credit card activities

merchant account activities

Employees’ name address, withholding, pay rate and W4s

Federal id number of the business

State payroll account number for the business as well as the bank information to pay for the fees as well as pay                                                        the payroll taxes as the payroll is processed.

  1. Mr. Bhatt and his staff rushed the process and prepared the six months book-keeping and prepared the financial statements for the period January to June of 2012.
  2. They also set up the payroll information on the payroll software so that the payroll for Maid-Pro employees can be processed on time.
  3. Mr. Bhatt provided the financials to Mr. Kennedy and asked Mr. Kennedy for payment. Mr. Kennedy asked Mr. Bhatt to charge his bank account as originally agreed upon. Mr. Bhatt promptly charged the fees for the work done.
  4. Mr. Kennedy did not call with payroll hours for the payroll checks and also did not provide the banking information for the July 2012 onwards to continue the monthly book keeping services. Mr. Bhatt in reciprocal did not charge any additional fees for book-keeping or payroll because there were no additional services provided.
  5. That was the end of any relationship or interaction Mr. Bhatt had with Mr. Kennedy. Life moved on and they both went on their own ways.
  6. On February 3, 2017 Mr. Kennedy after about five years, for no apparent reasons, posts remarks on Mr. Bhatt’s Yelp account.
  7. We have provided all the information to Mr. Kennedy as well as attempted to communicate with him so we can clarify any misunderstanding he might have. But Mr. Kennedy has not reciprocated with the same professional courtesy and ordered us NOT to call him.