Public Forum

Policy for posting on public forums


At times past or present clients posts on public forums about the experience they had with our firm. If you would like to make such a post you are welcomed to do so. These posts are subject to the following policy. By using our services you bind yourself to this policy:

  1.  You must be a current client of ours to make the post.
  2. You can post your experience with Five Star ( or any equivalent Best Category provided by the web post service provider) on any web site and you don’t need our approval. The description of the posts must match the rating.
  3. At the termination of our client – service provider relationship you have a thirty day windows to express your opinion on the web
  4. Any posts less than the Five Star ( or any equivalent Best Category provided by the web post service provider) by a current client or the one who is terminated and within the thirty day window must be disclosed to us in a face-to-face meeting with us.  Any such proposed posts has to be provided to us in writing and can only be posted with our written approval. You must provide us enough time and opportunity to remedy any experience which is  less than your expectation from us and our work .
  5. You must work with us to remedy any mis-understanding or bad feeling about our firm or our work products.
  6. After the thirty day of termination of our client-service provider relationships you can not make ANY posts on any public forum.
  7.  We reserve the right to initiate legal action for defamation and loss to our business due to your posts.  If you violate any provision of this policy then you agree to pay for attorney costs court fees and any other expenses that we may end up incurring in removing your post(s) as well as for the defamation and loss of business action.