Payroll setup

Payroll setup is a very involved process

  1. First step is setting up the company itself on the payroll software. If you don’t have the payroll id number from the federal or state taxing agencies, then we can get those id numbers for you.
  2. The second step in payroll is setting up the bank information on the payroll software. The software makes a small deposit and a withdrawal from your bank account. That amount need to be verified. Once verified the payroll software links your payroll account to the payroll software. Once set up the payroll software is able to send signal to the federal government and state government to access the bank account and collect the payroll taxes.
  3. The third step in payroll is setting up the employees in the payroll software. Which means setting up the employee status like married, single or head of household, number of exemptions, sick leave and/or vacation policies and of course setting up the direct deposit of the payroll check to the employee’s personal bank account.
  4. The fourth step in payroll is setting up the workman comp insurance coverage with the payroll software. We have teamed with a third party workman comp insurance broker. Once linked this third party receives the payroll report and they collect the insurance premium from the payroll bank account directly. This set up reduces or eliminates auditing the payroll report every year.

Once the setup is complete the payroll software calculates the payroll taxes for the employees and employers. Prepares the payroll check and makes them available to be printed on your computer. You can download the check as pdf file and hand write the check manually or print them on your pre-printed check.

The payroll software also creates the payroll forms that need to be filed to the federal government and state government.

It also calculates the payroll taxes and when they are due to be paid.

You then see reminders of these taxes and payroll form in the “Things Need To Be Done” tab. With one click you can file the forms and pay the taxes. Of course you will get reminder e mails as well as phone calls from us reminding you to pay the taxes and file the forms.

If you are one of the very busy person, then we can file the forms and pay the taxes for you.