Our team

Our team members include:  professional bookkeeper, tax return preparer and administrative assistant with years of experience. We have experienced staff to provide a professional, efficient and timely services to our valued clients.

These services are required by every business whether the business is operating out of the corner of kitchen or from a quarter million square foot office.

Nalin Bhatt


  • Our firm’s CEO is a CPA.
  • He has twenty one years of experience helping small to medium sized businesses.
  • He is the author of a Book on QuickBooks
  • He is former FTB Tax Auditor

Irene Morgan

Irene has been in accounting and small business management field for more than 16 years. Irene is working with us for about six years now. She is processing the accounting or bookkeeping work for our clients. She is also helping our clients setting up the payroll as well as processing and maintaining the payroll. She also helps our clients with complex payroll issues that keeps popping up all the time.  Irene is working remotely by logging into our computer at the office. No document or work leaves our office. Our two new addition to our staff Naveen and Irfan also works remotely just like Irene. 



Breona helps us with accounting or bookkeeping work. She also helps us with tax return data entry work. She is been with us for about five years now. 

Kristen Hansen

Kristen is our new addition to the firm. Starting in middle of 2016. She comes with customer service experience in retail industry. Kristen is responsible in assigning the work to employees and getting them done. In addition she provides the link between our clients and our firm.


Irfan Shaik

Irfan is one of the two new addition to our firm for the year 2017. Irfan has a Masters In Accounting Degree. He is processing accounting or bookkeeping work for our clients remotely. 



Naveen Prabakaran

Naveen is the second of the two new addition to our firm for the year 2017. Naveen has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. He is processing accounting or bookkeeping work for our clients remotely.