How we do Payroll

PayrollAs a business owners you may have questions about payroll services. Like how to calculate the payroll check?  which taxes are to be taken out from the employees? Which forms are required to be filed to Federal and State?

Preparing payroll checks, payroll forms, paying payroll taxes, issuing year end W2 requires a lot of resources from the business owner(s). Each step is time sensitive and each step is really complicated to the extent that making error is very probable.

We provide no-nonsense simple and straight forward payroll service to our clients.

For more information download our Power Point  

Or better yet watch a Flash Demo if you choose.  

Do you want to test drive the payroll before you sign up? You can also test drive the payroll by creating a Sample Company and Run a Sample Payroll .

Our Payroll services involves:

  • Processing and preparing the payroll check for the employee
  • Processing, preparing the filing the quarterly forms to federal and state agencies
  • Processing and paying the payroll taxes to federal and state agencies
  • Processing, preparing and filing End of the year forms to the federal and state agencies
  • Processing, preparing and issuing W2s to the employees and employers.

Which means we provide a TOTAL  payroll solution for you. Nothing is left for chance.

Doing all of these by yourself is a sure way to invite errors in the process. Errors means penalties and interest added to your tax bill.

We setup payroll on the Web and then provide you full access to your account. Then we constantly monitor and help you through the payroll processing. Any time you need help we are there. So you never feel being intruded and at the same time never feel being left alone.